What’s New: May 2024

May 23, 2024

This update features five new biographies including Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins; Boston civil rights activist Ruth Batson; New York City journalist and writer Pete Hamill; and influential (and humorous) newspaper columnists Molly Ivins and Russell Baker. 

Baker, Russell Wayne (14 August 1925–21 January 2019), journalist and humorist    
Batson, Ruth (3 August 1921–28 October 2003), educator, community organizer, and civil right activist 
Collins, Michael (31 October 1930–28 April 2001), astronaut
Hamill, Pete (24 June 1935–5 August 2020), newspaper columnist and author
Ivins, Molly (30 August 1944–31 January 2007), newspaper columnist and humorist

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