What's New: July 2021

July 22, 2021

This update features six new biographies of important American writers. It includes mystery writer Charlotte Armstrong; children’s book author Barbara Cooney; social critic and journalist Nat Hentoff; film critic Richard Schickel; conservative writer Charles Krauthammer; and playwright Edward Albee.

Albee, Edward (12 Mar. 1928–16 Sept. 2016), playwright
Armstrong, Charlotte (2 May 1905–18 July 1969), mystery writer
Cooney, Barbara (6 Aug. 1917–10 Mar. 2000), author and illustrator
Hentoff, Nat (10 June 1925–7 Jan. 2017), writer and social critic
Krauthammer, Charles (13 Mar. 1950–21 June 2018), conservative and Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist
Schickel, Richard Warren (10 Feb. 1933–18 Feb. 2017), author and film critic

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