What's New: June 2021

June 24, 2021

This update features six new biographies, with a focus on innovative figures in the fields of art and design. It includes fashion designers Arnold Scaasi and Norman Norell; Paul McCobb, whose furniture became emblematic of mid-century modern design; award-winning architect Robert Venturi; Vincent Scully, Yale historian of art and architecture; and art collector and philanthropist Helen Clay Frick.

Helen Clay Frick (3 Sept. 1888–9 Nov. 1984), philanthropist and art historian
Paul McCobb (5 June 1917–10 Mar. 1969), painter, decorator, and furniture-and-industrial designer
Norman Norell (20 Apr. 1900–25 Oct. 1972), fashion designer, theater and movie costumer
Arnold Scaasi (8 May 1930–3 Aug. 2015), fashion designer, theater and movie costumer
Vincent Scully (21 Aug. 1920–30 Nov. 2017), architectural historian
Robert Venturi (25 June 1925–18 Sept. 2018), architect

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