What's New: March 2021

March 3, 2021

This update features thirteen new biographies in celebration of Women’s History Month. It includes the suffragists Nina Allender, Margaret Foley, and Rose Winslow; novelist and playwright Neith Boyce; Winnebago artist and educator Angel De Cora; Olympic gold medal winner Alice Coachman; Maria Gertrudes “La Tules” Barceló, a nineteenth-century saloon owner.

Allender, Nina (25 Dec. 1872–2 Apr. 1957), artist and women’s rights activist
Barceló, Maria Gertrudis "La Tules" (c. 1800–17 Jan. 1852), entrepreneur
Boyce, Neith (21 Mar. 1872–2 Dec. 1951), novelist and playwright
Coachman, Alice (9 Nov. 1923–14 July 2014), track and field athlete and Olympic gold medalist
De Cora, Angel (1868 or 1869–6 Feb. 1919), artist and educator
Engle, Lavinia M. (23 May 1892–29 May 1979), women’s suffrage advocate
Foley, Margaret (15 Mar. 1875–14 June 1957), suffragist and Boston city official
Fulton, Alvenia M. (17 May 1906–5 Mar. 1999), African American health food promoter and celebrity dietitian
Higgins, Bertha G. (28 Nov. 1872–30 Dec. 1944), clubwoman, suffragist, and civil rights and political activist
Keith, Mary McHenry (20 Nov. 1855–13 Oct. 1947), lawyer, suffragist, and civic activist
Trotman, Minta Bosley Allen (13 Feb. 1875–3 May 1949), clubwoman, community leader, suffrage advocate, and steward of African and African American material culture
Welch, Margaret Pearmain (24 Feb. 1893–26 Oct. 1984), activist, pacifist, preservationist
Winslow, Rose (Ruza Wenclawksa) (15 Dec. 1889–?), suffragist, labor activist, and actor

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