What's new: June 2020

June 25, 2020

This update features six new biographies of significant figures from the world of popular entertainment. Highlights include barrier-breaking television star Mary Tyler Moore; Art Linkletter, the host of radio and television programs like House Party and People are Funny; Bob Elliott of the long-running comedy team Bob and Ray; and Don Rickles, the noted actor and insult comic.

Brown, Kay (7 Dec. 1902–18 Jan. 1995), talent scout, agent, story editor, and theater producer
Elliott, Bob (26 Mar. 1923–2 Feb. 2016), radio and television comedian and actor
Lewton, Val (7 May 1904–14 Mar. 1951), film producer
Linkletter, Art (17 July 1912–26 May 2010), radio talk-show host, television personality, and author
Moore, Mary Tyler (29 Dec. 1936–25 Jan. 2017), actress and producer in television, film, and theater
Rickles, Don (8 May 1926–6 Apr. 2017), comedian and actor

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