What's new: May 2020

May 28, 2020

This update features seven new essays, with a focus on significant figures in twentieth-century political history. Highlights include controversial Washington, D.C., mayor Marion Barry; Soledad Chavez Chacón, who in 1922 won election as secretary of state of New Mexico, becoming not only one of the first two women elected to New Mexico state office but also the first hispaña elected to state office; Raymond Telles, the first Mexican-American mayor of an American city, El Paso, Texas; John Seigenthaler, journalist and administrative assistant to Attorney General Robert Kennedy; congressmen John B. Anderson and Melvin Laird; and Birch Bayh, Indiana Senator who pushed Title IX legislation, which barred gender discrimination in education and opened opportunities for women in athletics.

Anderson, John B. (15 Feb. 1922–3 Dec. 2017), U.S. congressman and independent presidential candidate

Barry, Marion S., Jr. (6 Mar. 1936–23 Nov. 2014), four-term mayor of Washington, D.C.

Bayh, Birch (22 Jan. 1928–14 Mar. 2019), Indiana politician and United States Senator

Chavez Chacon, Soledad (11 Aug. 1890–4 Aug. 1936), secretary of State of New Mexico

Laird, Melvin Robert, Jr. (1 Sept. 1922–16 Nov. 2016), congressman and secretary of defense

Seigenthaler, John Lawrence (27 July 1927–11 July 2014),  journalist, civil rights advocate, and federal government official

Telles, Raymond L., Jr. (5 Sept. 1915–8 Mar. 2013), mayor and federal government official

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