What's new: February 2020

February 27, 2020

This update features six new biographies of men and women who worked as educators and academics. New additions include Paul Samuelson (1915–2009), the MIT economist who in 1970 became the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Economics; Fabiola Cabeza De Baca (1894–1991), who empowered rural New Mexico women by teaching them to combine modern technologies with traditional practices; Octavius Catto (1839–1871), teacher at the Institute of Colored Youth in Philadelphia, civil rights activist, and baseball player; Mary Daly (1928–2010), the controversial radical feminist philosopher and theologian; Robert Leslie Wharton (1871–1960), a Presbyterian missionary who established religious schools in Cuba; and Mary Elizabeth Carnegie (1916–2008), African American nurse and nurse activist who became senior editor at the American Journal of Nursing.

Cabeza De Baca, Fabiola (16 May 1894-Oct. 1991), educator, activist, and writer

Carnegie, Mary Elizabeth (19 Apr. 1916-20 Feb. 2008), nurse, activist, and educator

Catto, Octavius Valentine (22 Feb. 1839-10 Oct. 1871), civil rights activist, educator, and athlete

Daly, Mary (16 Oct. 1928-3 Jan. 2010), radical feminist philosopher and theologian

Samuelson, Paul Anthony (15 May 1915-13 Dec. 2009), economist

Wharton, Robert Leslie (5 Sept. 1871-2 Aug. 1960), presbyterian missionary, pastor, teacher, and school administrator in Cuba

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