What's new: November 2019

November 28, 2019

This update features seven new biographies, with a focus on innovators in art and architecture. It includes Pietro Belluschi, designer of the Pan Am Building; Michael Graves, designer of the Portland Building; industrial designer Elsie Krummeck; fashion designer Mainbocher; early American art dealer Thomas Appleton; African American painter Archibald Motley; and the pathbreaking and controversial artist, writer, and filmmaker David Wojnarowicz.

Appleton, Thomas (2 Apr. 1763 – 28 Apr. 1840), art dealer and diplomat

Belluschi, Pietro (18 Aug. 1899 – 14 Feb. 1994), architect

Graves, Michael S. (9 July 1934 – 12 Mar. 2015), architect, product designer, and professor

Krummeck, Elsie Caroline (5 Dec. 1913 – 29 May 1999), artist and industrial designer

Mainbocher (24 Oct. 1890 – 27 Dec. 1976), couturier, theater costumer, and magazine editor

Motley, Archibald John, Jr. (7 Oct. 1891 – 16 Jan. 1981), painter

Wojnarowicz, David (14 Sept. 1954 – 22 July 1992), artist, filmmaker, writer, and activist

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