What's new: March 2019

March 28, 2019

This update includes fourteen new essays that reflect the breadth of American popular culture. Highlights include the actress and civil rights activist Ruby Dee; Divine, the star of numerous John Waters films; horror film director Wes Craven; comedians Gene Wilder and Joan Rivers; and Star Wars star Carrie Fisher.

Caesar, Sid (8 Sept. 1922–12 Feb. 2014), television comedy star

Craven, Wesley Earl (2 Aug. 1939–30 Aug. 2015), director, writer, and producer of prominent American horror films

Dee, Ruby (27 Oct. 1922–11 June 2014), actor, author, and civil rights activist

Dennis, Sandy (27 Apr. 1937–2 Mar. 1992), actress

Divine (19 Oct. 1945–7 March 1988), film actor, stage performer, and singer

Fisher, Carrie (21 Oct. 1956–27 Dec. 2016), actress and writer

Keeshan, Robert “Bob” James (27 June 1927–23 Jan. 2004), actor

McCambridge, Mercedes (16 Mar. 1916–2 Mar. 2004), actress

Myerson, Bess (16 July 1924–14 Dec. 2014), politician and television personality

O’Hara, Maureen (17 Aug. 1920–24 Oct. 2015), actress

Rivers, Joan (8 June 1933–4 Sept. 2014), comedian

Spelling, Aaron (22 Apr. 1923–23 June 2006), television producer

Wallach, Eli Herschel (7 Dec. 1915–24 June 2014), actor

Wilder, Gene (11 June 1933–29 Aug. 2016), actor, writer, director, and novelist

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