What's new: September 2018

September 27, 2018

This update includes twenty new essays, with a focus on two overlapping themes: money and politics. Highlights include former governors Mario Cuomo and Hugh Carey of New York and Ann Richards of Texas; U.S. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke; Cardiss Collins, the U.S. Representative from Illinois; advertising pioneer Jane Trahey; Philadelphia businessperson William Sellers; and railroad industry leader Tom Scott.


 Baker, Howard Henry, Jr. (1925–2014), politician and diplomat

Carey, Hugh Leo (1919-2011), United States Representative and Governor of New York

Collins, Cardiss Hortense (1931-2013), US Congressional Representative

Cuomo, Mario Matthew (1932-2015), politician  

Doar, John Michael (1921-2014), lawyer and federal official

Holbrooke, Richard (1941-2010), diplomat, magazine editor, and investment banker

Komer, Robert William (1922-2000), national security strategist, federal government official, and presidential advisor

Mankiewicz, Frank (1924-2014), political advisor, journalist, and broadcast and public relations executive

Mitchell, Charles Edwin (1877-1955), banker

Pell, Claiborne deBorda (1918-2009), Rhode Island Senator

Percy, Charles Hartung (1919-2011), business executive and politician
Richards, Ann (1933-2006), politician and Governor of Texas

Scott, Tom (1823-1881), railroad industry leader

Sellers, William (1824-1905), mechanical engineer and manufacturer

Trahey, Jane (1923-2000), advertising executive and writer

Warburg, Paul Moritz (1968-1932), financier and federal government official

Whitehead, John C. (1872-1954),  financier and diplomat

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