What's new: August 2018

August 20, 2018

This update includes twenty new essays, with a focus on the broad varieties of American feminism and civil rights activism. Highlights include Fred Korematsu, who took his case against World War II internment camps to the Supreme Court; Molly Yard, feminist and president of the National Organization for Women; the gay rights activist Steve Endean; and civil rights activist and attorney Constance Baker Motley.

East, Catherine (1916–1996), civil servant and feminist activist
Endean, Steve (1948–1993), gay rights activist and lobbyist
Fort-Whiteman, Lovett (1884–1939), African American communist
Galamison, Milton Arthur (1923–1988), Presbyterian minister, civil rights leader, and community activist
Grier, Barbara (1933–2011), editor and publisher
Haywood, Harry (1898–1985), African American communist
Horton, Myles (1905–1990), co-founder of the Highlander School, educator, and activist in the labor and civil rights movements
Inman, Mary (1894–1985), trade union organizer, Marxist theorist, and author
Jackson, James Edward Jr., (1914–2007), communist, black freedom activist, and editor
Korematsu, Fred (1919–2005), prisoner of incarceration camps for Japanese Americans during World War II and civil liberties activist
Laidlaw, Harriet Burton (1873–1949), suffragist, essayist, and social reformer
Lerner, Gerda (1920–2013), historian, playwright, and political activist
Mitchell, Juanita Jackson (1913–1992), civil rights activist and lawyer
Motley, Constance Baker (1921–2005), civil rights lawyer, politician, and judge*
Robeson, Eslanda G. (15 Dec. 1895–13 Dec. 1965), anthropologist and anti-racist, anti-colonialist author, and activist*
Stantial, Edna Lamprey (1897–1985), suffragist, archivist of the women’s suffrage movement, and women’s rights activist
Storey, Moorfield (1845–1929), civil rights attorney and anti-imperialist activist
Talbert, Mary Morris Burnett (1866–1923), educator, lecturer, and human rights advocate
Williams, Hosea (1926–2000), civil rights activist, minister, and politician
Yard, Molly (1912–2005), political activist and feminist leader

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