What's new: July 2018

July 25, 2018

The July 2018 update includes twelve new essays, with a focus on Americans who played an outsized role in popular culture, be it music, film, television, or technology.

Bock, Jerry (1928–2010), composer
Bradlee, Benjamin Crowninshield (Ben) (1921–2014), newspaper editor and journalist
Claiborne, Liz (1929–2007), fashion designer and entrepreneur
Cornelius, Don (1936–2012), television producer and host
Griffin, Merv (1925–2007), talk show host and quiz show creator
Jackson, Michael (1958—2009), singer, known as the “King of Pop”*
Jobs, Steve (1955–2011), entrepreneur, inventor, and computer industry leader*
Keel, Howard (1919–2004), actor and singer
McIntire, Carl (1906–2002), Bible Presbyterian clergyman and religious broadcaster
Meara, Anne (1929–2015), actress, comedian, and playwright
Nichols, Mike (1931–2014), actor and director
Winters, Jonathan (11 Nov. 1925–11 Apr. 2013), comedian


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