What's new: June 2018

June 27, 2018

The June 2018 update adds thirteen new biographies that celebrate the diverse forms of American music, including jazz, blues, folk, rock, pop, country, opera, and classical. Highlights include jazz icon Ornette Coleman, subversive rock star Lou Reed, opera singer Shirley Verrett, political poet Gil Scott-Heron, influential folk singer Odetta, and gospel star Marion Williams.

Carter, Elliott Cook, Jr. (1908–2012), composer*
Cliburn, Van (1934–2013), classical pianist
Coleman, Ornette (1930–2015), jazz alto saxophonist, bandleader, and composer
Gilbert, Ruth Alice “Ronnie” (1926–2015), folksinger, actor, and therapist
Gore, Lesley (1946–2015), singer and songwriter
Hillis, Margaret (1921–1998), choral director, orchestral conductor, and music educator
King, B. B. (1925–2015), blues singer and guitarist
Odetta (1930–2008), folk and blues singer*
Price, Ray (1926–2013), country music singer
Reed, Lou (1942–2013), rock songwriter, singer, and guitarist
Schuller, Gunther (1925–2015), composer, conductor, and writer
Scott-Heron, Gilbert (1949–2011), poet, songwriter, singer, and pianist
Starker, Janos (1924–2013), cellist
Verrett, Shirley (1931–2010), opera singer, recitalist, and educator
Williams, Andy (1927–2012), pop singer and television star
Williams, Marion (1927–1994), gospel singer
Zevon, Warren William (1947–2003), rock musician, singer, and songwriter


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