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OCTOBER 22, 2020

What's New: October 2020

The October update features six new biographies, including American Council of Learned Societies leaders Frederick Burkhardt and Whitney J. Oates—please click here to learn more about ACLS and the ANB. The update also includes Maria Martin, whose illustrations enlivened the work of John Hames Audubon; technology professors Hamilton Lee and David Scott Campbell; and disgraced Nobel Prize winner D. Carleton Gadjusek.

OCTOBER 22, 2020

Discover the ACLS

As part of the October ANB update we’d like to call attention to the American Council of Learned Societies. We’re featuring two new essays on ACLS leaders and opening for free a dozen essays on major figures in ACLS history.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

What's new: September 2020

The September update of the American National Biography features five new essays, with a focus on the fields of science and medicine. It includes pediatrician, public health activist, and feminist Helen Rodríguez-Trías; cardiovascular surgeon and medical educator Michael E. DeBakey; nuclear physicist Herbert York; electrical engineer and computer pioneer J. Eckert Presper; and Grace Eldering, public health leader and bacteriologist who co-developed the pertussis vaccine.

AUGUST 27, 2020

What's new: August 2020

Turn to our August release to read the entries of 28 additional suffragists that were specifically commissioned to honor the centennial, with a second batch set to be released in the coming months. These suffrage profiles shift the focus away from the national leadership to the states and localities, providing a wider geographical sweep as well as documenting the contributions of rank-and-file activists. See what Grace Wilbur Trout was doing in Illinois, Ellen Clark Sargent in California, Susan Walker Fitzgerald in Massachusetts, Edna Fischel Gellhorn in Missouri, and Cora Smith Eaton King in Washington. They also represent our commitment to documenting the contributions of African American women to the suffrage movement. Women like Lethia Cousins Fleming, Hester Jeffrey, and Gertrude Bustill Mosell demonstrate how advocacy for the vote was always part of a larger agenda of improving conditions for the African American community at large.

JULY 23, 2020

What's new: July 2020

The July 2020 update features seven new biographies. The history of American sports is represented by pathbreaking golfer and golf course designer Alice Dye; longtime sportscaster Dick Enberg; Notre Dame football coach Ara Parseghian; and pro football hall of famer Y. A. Tittle. The update also includes radio and television broadcaster Ben Grauer; film producer Harriet Parsons; and actor and playwright Sam Shepard.


Stay tuned for a special update celebrating the centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution. Ratified August 26, 1920, the Amendment prohibited denying women the right to vote based on their sex. The update, which goes live on August 27, features new biographies of more than twenty overlooked suffragists.

JUNE 25, 2020

What's new: June 2020

This update features six new biographies of significant figures from the world of popular entertainment. Highlights include barrier-breaking television star Mary Tyler Moore; Art Linkletter, the host of radio and television programs like House Party and People are Funny; Bob Elliott of the long-running comedy team Bob and Ray; and Don Rickles, the noted actor and insult comic.

MAY 28, 2020

What's new: May 2020

This update features seven new essays, with a focus on significant figures in twentieth-century political history. Highlights include controversial Washington, D.C., mayor Marion Barry; secretary of State of New Mexico Soledad Chavez Chacón; Raymond Telles, the first Mexican-American mayor of an American city; John Seigenthaler, journalist and administrative assistant; congressmen John B. Anderson and Melvin Laird; and Birch Bayh, Indiana Senator.

APRIL 23, 2020

What's new: April 2020

This update features five new essays, with a focus on important American writers and critics. It includes film critic Pauline Kael; black nationalist writer and poet Amiri Baraka; best-selling author Esther Rome; Chicano poet, artist, and civil rights activist José Montoya; and Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winning poet John Ashbery.

MARCH 26, 2020

What's new: March 2020

This update features six new essays, lives spanning from the sixteenth century to the twenty-first. New additions include Anne Anastasi, Chris Burden, Eugene Cernan, Rudi Gernreich, Tisquantum, and Esther Wheelwright.

FEBRUARY 27, 2020

What's new: February 2020

This update features six new biographies of men and women who worked as educators and academics. New additions include Paul Samuelson, Fabiola Cabeza de Baca, Octavius Cotto, Mary Daly, Robert Leslie Wharton, and Mary Elizabeth Carnegie.

You're looking at 1–10 of 35 items.