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Adams, Numa Pompilius Garfield (1885-1940), physician and medical educator  

Shari Rudavsky

Adams, Numa Pompilius Garfield (26 February 1885–29 August 1940), physician and medical educator, was born in Delaplane, Virginia. Little is known about Adams’s family and early life. He attended a country school run by his uncle Robert Adams. Adams received additional instruction and inspiration from his grandmother Amanda, a midwife who shared with him the secrets of herbal medicine. When Adams was thirteen, his family moved to Steelton, Pennsylvania. Soon Adams taught himself how to read music and purchased a used cornet, which he taught himself to play, a skill that later helped him pay for his education....


Blunt, Katharine (1876-1954), college administrator, educator, and nutritionist  

Marilyn Elizabeth Perry

Blunt, Katharine (28 May 1876–29 July 1954), college administrator, educator, and nutritionist, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Stanhope English Blunt, an army officer and technical writer, and Fanny Smyth. Little is know about her childhood except that she was first educated at a preparatory school before attending Miss Porter’s School in Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1894 she enrolled at Vassar, where she studied chemistry. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with an A.B. in 1898, then returned home to her family and engaged in service to her church and community for four years....


Marshall, Louis (1773-1866), physician and college president  

Klaus D. Issler

Marshall, Louis (07 October 1773– April 1866), physician and college president, was born Lewis Marshall on the family estate, “Oak Hill,” in Fauquier County, Virginia, the son of Colonel Thomas Marshall, a military leader and surveyor, and Mary Randolph Keith. Louis, the eleventh of fifteen children, was a brother of Chief Justice ...


Middleton, William Shainline (1890-1975), medical educator and administrator  

Philip Cash

Middleton, William Shainline (07 January 1890–09 September 1975), medical educator and administrator, was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania, the son of Daniel Shephard Middleton, a grocer and wholesale confectioner, and Ann Sophia Shainline. He received an M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1911. While at Pennsylvania, he developed an interest in the history of his profession through contact with John G. Clark, professor of gynecology, and David Riesman, professor of clinical medicine and later professor of the history of medicine....


Cover Middleton, William Shainline (1890-1975)

Middleton, William Shainline (1890-1975)  


William S. Middleton. Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine (B019548).


Morgan, Agnes Fay (1884-1968), nutrition scientist and home economics administrator  

Patricia B. Swan

Morgan, Agnes Fay (04 May 1884–20 July 1968), nutrition scientist and home economics administrator, was born Jane Agnes Fay in Peoria, Illinois, the daughter of Irish immigrants Patrick John Fay, a laborer and builder, and his second wife, Mary Josephine Dooley. Morgan graduated as an outstanding student from Peoria High School and with financial aid from a local citizen briefly attended Vassar College and then the University of Chicago, from which she received the B.S. (1904) and M.S. (1905) in chemistry....


Wearn, Joseph T. (1893-1984), physician  

David Y. Cooper

Wearn, Joseph T. (15 February 1893–26 September 1984), physician, was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, the son of Joseph Henry Wearn, a manufacturer of interior woodwork, and Ann Treloar. Wearn received his secondary education in the Charlotte public schools and then entered Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina. He did well in his studies, achieving membership in Phi Beta Kappa, and graduated at the age of twenty in 1913. His experience at Davidson, however, was not entirely pleasant, for the school’s Presbyterian dogmatism offended him and inspired in him a passion for free speech and dialogue. Wearn entered the Harvard Medical School in 1913 and received his M.D. in 1917. At Harvard he was impressed by the free exchange between students and professors; he also admired professors such as ...


Williams, Nathaniel (1675-1738), physician and educator  

Eric Howard Christianson

Williams, Nathaniel (25 August 1675–10 January 1738), physician and educator, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Nathaniel Williams, a deacon, and Mary Oliver Shrimpton. He entered Harvard College ranked ninth out of the sixteen students in his class and graduated in 1693. He took his master’s degree at Harvard in 1698 and was ordained the same year. His first preaching assignment was in a non-conformist church in Barbados where he wed Anne Bradstreet (date unknown). Of their eight children, only two daughters reached adulthood. On 17 January 1700 Williams returned to Boston, where he was retained by several prominent families as a private tutor. By 1703 he had become assistant in the Boston Latin School, becoming its headmaster in 1708....