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Brown, R. R. (1885-1964), pastor and radio evangelist  

Larry Eskridge

Brown, R. R. (19 October 1885–20 February 1964), pastor and radio evangelist, was born Robert Roger Brown in Dagus Falls, Pennsylvania, the son of Scottish immigrants William Murray Brown, a miner, and Mary Elizabeth Rogers. One of fourteen children, he was raised as a Presbyterian but had little interest in religion until he was converted at the age of eighteen during a revival in a Presbyterian church. At a subsequent meeting at a local nondenominational church, Brown encountered a representative of ...


Falwell, Jerry (1933-2007), fundamentalist pastor, televangelist, and conservative political activist  

Randall Balmer

Falwell, Jerry (11 August 1933–15 May 2007), fundamentalist pastor, televangelist, and conservative political activist, was born Jerry Lamon Falwell in Lynchburg, Virginia, the son of Carey Hezekiah Falwell, a businessman, and Helen Virgie Beasley. Helen was a devout Baptist, and Carey, whom his son described as an atheist, was an entrepreneur who started with a general store and expanded into a local network of service stations, hotels, and a regional bus company. The couple's daughter died at age ten, and Carey Falwell shot and killed his own brother in 1931, the culmination of a long dispute over their shared interest in profiting from bootleg liquor; he was later acquitted for acting in self-defense. Jerry Falwell attributed these events to his father's “lifelong struggle with the Enemy,” by which he meant Satan....


Cover Falwell, Jerry (1933-2007)
Jerry Falwell preaches during his visit to the Canton Baptist Temple 20 Jan. 1990, in Canton, Ohio. Photograph by Scott Heckel, 1990. Associated Press


Rader, Paul (1879-1938), fundamentalist evangelist and radio pioneer  

Larry K. Eskridge

Rader, Paul (24 August 1879–19 July 1938), fundamentalist evangelist and radio pioneer, was born Daniel Paul Rader in Denver, Colorado, the son of Daniel Leaper Rader, a minister and official in the Methodist Episcopal church, and Eugenia Shackleford. After spending time as a ranchhand in Wyoming and Colorado as a youth, he became a gifted college football player and boxer who spent time as a sparring partner of heavyweight champions ...