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Ballou, Adin (1803-1890), Universalist clergyman, reformer, and founder of Hopedale Community  

Len Gougeon

Ballou, Adin (23 April 1803–05 August 1890), Universalist clergyman, reformer, and founder of Hopedale Community, was born in Cumberland, Rhode Island, the son of Ariel Ballou and Edilda Tower, farmers. A largely self-educated preacher, Ballou’s earliest religious experience was Calvinist in nature, and he later recalled the “very solemnizing effect” of the preaching he heard as a youth. At about age eleven, however, Ballou experienced a religious conversion, and a year later he was baptized into a Christian Connection church that emphasized a more enthusiastic and fundamentalist religiosity. Ballou developed a deep interest in religious matters over the next several years and eventually became a self-proclaimed preacher. At age eighteen, in the autumn of 1821, he was received into the fellowship of the Connecticut Christian Conference, a Christian Connection body. In 1822 he married Abigail Sayles; they had two children before Abigail died in 1829....


Smith, Fred Burton (1865-1936), YMCA leader and reformer  

Gary Scott Smith

Smith, Fred Burton (24 December 1865–04 September 1936), YMCA leader and reformer, was born in Lone Tree, Iowa, the son of Robert Ames Smith and Endora Dinwiddie, farmers. He briefly attended Hiatt’s Academy, Williams Business College, and the State University of Iowa, all in Iowa City, the last because he was recruited to play baseball. When his family moved to the Dakota Territory in 1882, his formal education ended. In 1886 Smith married Minnie (Mary) Agnes Colvin; they had five children....