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Chovet, Abraham (1704-1790), anatomist and surgeon  

Whitfield J. Bell

Chovet, Abraham (25 May 1704–24 March 1790), anatomist and surgeon, was born in London, England, the son of David Chovet, a well-to-do wine merchant of Swiss Huguenot origin. His mother’s name is unknown. Chovet was apprenticed to Peter Gougoux Lamarque, a “foreign brother” of the Company of Barber-Surgeons of London. After the expiration of his seven-year indenture in 1727, Chovet went to France, where he attended the lectures and dissections of J. B. Winslow in Paris and learned to make anatomical preparations of wax. There is no record that he received the degree of doctor of medicine at this time, but he may have received that degree in 1759. His name appears in the “List of Promotions” in the ...


Jameson, Horatio Gates (1778-1855), anatomist and surgeon  

Stanley L. Block

Jameson, Horatio Gates (1778–24 August 1855), anatomist and surgeon, was born in York, Pennsylvania, the son of David Jameson, a physician, and Elizabeth Davis. Jameson began his medical studies at age fifteen with his father and practiced with him from 1795, as the family moved first to West Virginia and then to Pennsylvania. In 1797, at the age of nineteen, he married Catherine Shevell of Somerset County, Pennsylvania; they had nine children. After marriage, he resided successively in Somerset County, Pennsylvania; Wheeling, West Virginia; and Adamstown and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. In 1810 Jameson and his family moved to Baltimore. Shortly thereafter, he began to attend lectures at the University of Maryland at Baltimore, obtaining his medical degree in 1813. In addition to maintaining his medical practice he operated an apothecary....


McClellan, George (1796-1847), anatomist and surgeon  

Frederick B. Wagner

McClellan, George (23 December 1796–08 May 1847), anatomist and surgeon, was born in Woodstock, Connecticut, the son of James McClellan, a respected farmer and schoolteacher, and Eunice Eldredge. His Scottish forebears were fighting Highlanders and American revolutionary patriots. McClellan received his preliminary education at Woodstock Academy, where his father was headmaster. He excelled academically, with a preference for mathematics and language. In 1812 he entered the sophomore class of Yale College, from which he graduated in 1816. During the latter part of his college course he placed himself under the preceptorship of Dr. Thomas Hubbard, a prominent Connecticut surgeon. In 1817 he went to Philadelphia, where he became a private student of Professor John Syng Dorsey and matriculated at the Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania....


Pancoast, Joseph (1805-1882), anatomist and surgeon  

David Y. Cooper

Pancoast, Joseph (23 November 1805–07 March 1882), anatomist and surgeon, was born in Burlington, New Jersey, the son of John Pancoast and Ann Abbott. Pancoast’s forebears on his father’s side had accompanied William Penn from England to America. Pancoast received his medical degree in 1828 from the University of Pennsylvania. He married Rebecca Abbott in July 1829; the couple had one child. He opened a surgical practice in Philadelphia and joined other bright young doctors in the Philadelphia Association of Medical Instruction....


Pattison, Granville Sharp (1791-1851), anatomist and surgeon  

Frederick L. M. Pattison

Pattison, Granville Sharp (23 January 1791–12 November 1851), anatomist and surgeon, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, the son of John Pattison of Kelvingrove, a well-to-do merchant, and Hope Margaret Moncrieff. He lived with his family in a luxurious Robert Adam mansion, but in 1806 his father was forced to sell the property. He attended the University of Glasgow from 1806 to 1812 but did not graduate. In 1809 he served at the private College Street Medical School, Glasgow, as assistant to the well-known anatomist Allan Burns, whom he succeeded as the lecturer in anatomy and surgery in 1813. Later that year he was admitted to the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow....


Smith, Alban Gilpin (1795-1861), physician and medical educator  

Eugene H. Conner

Smith, Alban Gilpin (22 March 1795–05 August 1861), physician and medical educator, was born near Wilmington, Delaware, the son of Samuel Smith and Lydia Gilpin. Little is known of his parents, who, after brief residencies elsewhere, from 1797 permanently resided in Philadelphia.

Smith’s formal schooling was obtained at Westtown, Pennsylvania, from January 1809 until April 1810. This precluded his being present at Dr. ...


Souchon, Edmond (1841-1924), anatomist, surgeon, and public health educator  

John Duffy

Souchon, Edmond (01 December 1841–05 August 1924), anatomist, surgeon, and public health educator, was born in Opelousas, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, the son of Eugene Souchon, a surgeon-dentist, and Caroline Pettit, both natives of France. His early education was acquired in private schools in St. Martinville, Louisiana, Mobile, Alabama, and New Orleans, except for a brief period when he attended a public school in New Orleans because of his father’s ill health. Souchon later took pride in relating how he had to sell newspapers during this period to help the family finances....