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Christopher Gore. Engraving of a portrait by John Trumbull, 1809. Courtesy of the Library of Congress (LC-USZ62-111573).


Gore, Christopher (21 September 1758–01 March 1827), Federalist statesman, diplomat, and lawyer, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of John Gore, a paint and color dealer, and Frances Pinkney. Paternally, he was descended from a Puritan family that migrated from Hampshire in England to Roxbury, Massachusetts, in 1635. After attending the Boston Public Latin School, Gore entered Harvard College where he graduated in 1776. Although his Loyalist father fled Boston in 1776, Gore remained in Massachusetts and served the revolutionary cause as an officer in an artillery regiment. John Gore returned to America from England in 1785 and regained his citizenship. The taint of his father’s Toryism persisted, however, and Gore’s opponents used it against him when he was a candidate for the Massachusetts ratifying convention in 1787....


Osborn, Thomas Andrew (26 October 1836–04 February 1898), lawyer, politician, and diplomat, was born in Meadville, Pennsylvania, the son of Carpenter Osborn and Elizabeth Morris. Nothing is known about what his parents did for a living. Osborn learned the printing trade in Meadville and attended the preparatory department of Allegheny College from 1855 to 1857. He read for the law in 1856. In 1857 he moved to Pontiac, Michigan, where he was admitted to the bar. He left Pontiac in late 1857 and settled in Lawrence, Kansas, where he worked as a print compositor and occasional acting editor of the ...