What's new: September 2019

September 26, 2019

This update features eight new biographies, focused on both musicians and those who made their recordings possible. Highlights include ethnomusicologist and folklorist Alan Lomax; surround sound innovator Ray Dolby; African American soprano Mattiwilda Dobbs; country star Merle Haggard; jazz vocalist and activist Abbey Lincoln; James M. Gates, the preacher whose sermons sold thousands of records; and jazz trumpeter Clark Terry.

Dobbs, Mattiwilda (11 July 1925–8 Dec. 2015), coloratura soprano and operatic trailblazer

Dolby, Ray (18 Jan. 1933–12 Sept. 2013), inventor

Gates, James M. (? Feb. 1884–18 Aug. 1945), preacher and recording artist

Haggard, Merle Ronald (6 Apr. 1937–6 Apr. 2016), country musician, singer, and songwriter

Lee, Sylvia Olden (29 June 1917–10 Apr. 2004), musician, teacher and classical vocal coach

Lincoln, Abbey (6 Aug. 1930–14 Aug. 2010), jazz singer, songwriter, and actress

Lomax, Alan (31 Jan. 1915–19 July 2002), ethnomusicologist

Terry, Clark (14 Dec. 1920–21 Feb. 2015), jazz trumpeter, singer, and educator

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