What's new: August 2019

August 22, 2019

This update features eight new biographies of some of the most important figures in American film and television history. Highlights include pathbreaking comedians Richard Pryor and Robin Williams; television producer Andy Griffith; Good Times star Esther Rolle; and Danny Villanueva, a co-founder of Univision.

Charisse, Cyd (8 Mar. 1921–17 June 2008), dancer and actress

Griffith, Andy (7 June 1926–3 July 2012), Broadway, film, and television star

Hale, Barbara (18 Apr. 1922–26 Jan. 2017), film and television actress

Pryor, Richard (1 Dec. 1940–10 Dec. 2005), comedian, actor, and screenwriter

Reynolds, Debbie (1 Apr. 1932–28 Dec. 2016), actress and entertainer

Rolle, Esther (8 Nov. 1920–17 Nov. 1998), film, television and stage actress

Villanueva, Danny D. (5 Nov. 1937–18 June 2015), professional athlete, sports broadcaster, media entrepreneur, and philanthropist

Williams, Robin (21 July 1951–11 Aug. 2014), actor and comedian

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