What's new: May 2019

May 23, 2019

This update features thirteen new essays, with a focus on activism. Highlights include civil rights activists and writers Anne Moody and Sarah Patton Boyle; suffragist Gertrude Weil; environmentalist Marjorie Harris Carr; and Peggy Charren, the founder of the advocacy group Action for Children’s Television.

Bee, Frederick Alonzo (9 Sept. 1825–26 May 1892), telegraph and railroad entrepreneur and vice-consul of the Chinese consulate in San Francisco

Boyle, Sarah Patton (9 May 1906–20 Feb. 1994), civil rights activist and writer

Carr, Marjorie H. (26 Mar. 1915–10 Oct. 1997), environmental activist and zoologist

Charren, Peggy (9 Mar. 1928–21 July 2015), children’s television activist

Cordero, Ana Livia (4 July 1931–21 Feb. 1992), political activist, physician, and public health advocate

Crouch, Paul Michael (24 June 1903–18 Nov. 1955), communist and later anticommunist informant for the United States government

Lauterbur, Paul Christian (6 May 1929–27 Mar. 2007), Nobel Prize–winning chemist

Lumry, Rufus (1799/1800–21 June 1862), abolitionist, circuit preacher, and church organizer

Madar, Olga Marie (17 May 1915–16 May 1996), labor union feminist

Maynor, Dorothy (3 Sept. 1910–19 Feb. 1996), soprano and music and arts educator

Moody, Anne (15 Sept. 1940–5 Feb. 2015), civil rights activist and author

Roebling, Mary G. (29 July 1905–25 Oct. 1994), banker and the first woman governor of the American Stock Exchange

Weil, Gertrude (11 Dec. 1879–30 May 1971), activist for women’s suffrage, social welfare, Zionism, and civil rights

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