What's new: April 2019

April 25, 2019

This update features the lives of twelve scientists and social scientists whose work significantly impacted American history. Highlights include sex researcher Virginia Johnson; child psychologist Eleanor Gibson; Leona Baumgartner, the first woman commissioner of New York City’s Department of Health; pioneering engineer Beatrice Hicks; and Cuban ethnographer Lydia Cabrera.

Baumgartner, Leona (18 Aug. 1902–15 Jan. 1991), public health official

Burdick, Eugene Leonard (12 Dec. 1918–26 July 1965), novelist and political scientist

Cabrera, Lydia (20 May 1900–19 Sept. 1991), Cuban writer and anthropologist

Coston, Martha J. (1829–12 Jan, 1904), inventor and businesswoman

Engelbart, Douglas Carl (30 Jan. 1925–2 July 2013), engineer and inventor

Gardner, Martin (21 Oct. 1914–22 May 2010), popular science and puzzle writer and editor

Gibson, Eleanor J. (7 Dec. 1910–30 Dec. 2002), experimental psychologist

Hicks, Beatrice Alice (2 Jan. 1919–21 Oct. 1979), engineer, inventor, and business executive

Johnson, Virginia E. (11 Feb. 1925–24 July 2013), sex researcher and sex therapist

Karl, Barry Dean (24 July 1927–7 July 2010), historian

Lape, Esther (8 Oct. 1881–17 May 1981), journalist, World Court advocate, and medical care activist

Tobin, James (5 Mar. 1918–11 Mar. 2002), economist

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