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Letter from Susan Ware, Editor

What's new: May 2019

This update features thirteen new essays, with a focus on activism. Highlights include civil rights activists and writers Anne Moody and Sarah Patton Boyle; suffragist Gertrude Weil; environmentalist Marjorie Harris Carr; and Peggy Charren, the founder of the advocacy group Action for Children’s Television.

Anne Moody

Anne Moody

Anne Moody (1940-2015) played a key role in the 1963 sit-in at Woolworth’s in Jackson, Mississippi. A now iconic photo shows her and her two fellow protestors, Lois Chaffee and John Salter, under attack from a crowd of angry whites. Not only did Moody participate in the civil rights movement, she also helped to immortalize it with her bestselling memoir, Coming of Age in Mississippi. A chronicle and critique of the black struggle for civil rights, Coming of Age in Mississippi also stands as a powerful testament to Moody herself, a young black woman with an indomitable spirit and an unwavering commitment to the freedom of her people.




JUNE 18, 2019

Four remarkable LGBTQ activists

Discover the lives of four pivotal LGBTQ activists to mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

JUNE 4, 2019

Pride Month

This month we are celebrating Pride Month by honouring LGBT activists.

MAY 23, 2019

What's new: May 2019

Discover thirteen new essays with a focus on activism.