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What's new: May 2023

This update features six new biographies including Herman Badillo, the first person born in Puerto Rico elected to Congress outside of Puerto Rico; David Koch, billionaire who shaped right wing politics; Janet Malcolm, New Yorker writer and author of several books, including The Journalist and the Murderer; flamboyant country music singer Porter Wagoner; Ernest Bormann, communications scholar who created the Symbolic Convergence Theory; and Karen Thronson, a nineteenth-century emigrant from Norway.

Herman Badillo

Herman Badillo (1929-2014) blazed a trail in both local and national government as the first Puerto Rican to serve as a New York borough president and the first Puerto Rican to win election as a voting member of Congress. He also ran for New York City mayor several times. Badillo’s politics and alliances shifted during his three-decade career, but one constant remained: his lifelong commitment to the city that took him in. 



MAY 25, 2023

What's New: May 2023

This update features six new biographies including Herman Badillo, David Koch, Janet Malcolm, Porter Wagoner, Ernest Bormann, and Karen Thronson.

APRIL 27, 2023

What's New: April 2023

This update features five new biographies, including boxing icon and activist Muhammad Ali; Eagle of Delight, Otoe negotiator; John Singleton, Oscar-nominated director; “I Love New York” graphic designer Milton Glaser; and professional football palyer Gale Sayers.

MARCH 23, 2023

What's New: March 2023

This update features five new essays, including journalist Cokie Roberts; third-party presidential candidate H. Ross Perot; actor, comedian, and filmmaker Carl Reiner; radio broadcaster and journalist Earl Godwin; and actor Paul Henreid.