ANB Online User Guide


* From the home page, do a quick search for biographies or historical and cultural topics.
The Quick Search box is available at the top right of the screen once you enter the site.
* To refine or widen your search, use the Custom Search hyperlink to access more search options

Custom Search

Search Full Text to look for your search term throughout the entire database.
For an exact match, use quotation marks around the phrase.

The Special Collections allow users to quickly access a specially-selected and representative group of biographies in each area of study.
These can be used in combination with any of the other Custom Search fields.

* Continue to explore the database using other search parameters:
birth date, birth place, death date, gender, occupations and realms of renown
* You can also search for articles with illustrations and/or online resources.

One of the most commonly used options, the Search by Name field will look for biographies in the database.

Search Results

Your search results will display alphabetically. The first listing of results are biographies from the ANB Online. Some of the entries are followed by a camera and/or globe, indicating that there is a picture or online resource available. All online resources are carefully reviewed by our editors.

The second listing of results are related articles from The Oxford Companion to United States History. These provide contextual historical background to the selected biography.

Note that the search parameters remain on the left. From here, you can narrow your search or click the “Clear Search” button to start a new search.


The biography name will always appear in the upper left portion of the screen as you scroll through the article. Occupation and Realms of Renown are also indicated.

Navigational features allow you to Return to Search Results or Browse Alphabetically, which will take you through the database of biographies. Note the position of the article in relation to the search results list . You can easily scroll to the next or previous entry from your results list.

Use the Article Sections in the left-hand navigation bar to be taken directly to a section of interest.

Cross References to related biographies are hyperlinked from within the article or can be accessed from a list in the left-hand navigation bar.

* Related articles from The Oxford Companion to United States History will appear in the left-hand navigation. These articles provide historical background to the biographies.
* Print and email buttons are available at the bottom of the left-hand navigation

* Links to online resources have been selected by our editors to enhance the learning experience.
* Citation information is provided at the bottom of each article