What's new: April 2018

April 26, 2018

A scientist’s work often has a dramatic — sometimes unintended or unanticipated — impact on society at large. The April 2018 update features biographies that exemplify the connection between the lab, the field, the library, and everyday life. Including chemist Min Cheuh Chang, physicist Edward Teller, and psychologist and key figure in the movement to depathologize homosexuality in the US, Evelyn Hooker.

Bernard, Jessie (1903–1996), sociologist and feminist scholar
Burns, Eveline (1900–1985), economist and Social Security expert
Chang, M. C. (1908–1991), reproductive biologist*
Djerassi, Carl (1923–2015), organic chemist, novelist, and playwright*
Geertz, Clifford (1926–2006), anthropologist*
Hooker, Evelyn (1907–1996), psychologist and key figure in the movement to depathologize homosexuality in the US*
Hornig, Donald (1920–2013), chemist, presidential advisor, and university president
Kelsey, Frances (1914–2015), pharmacologist, medical officer, and administrator at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Landauer, Rolf (1927–1999), industrial physicist
Laubenstein, Linda (1947–1992), physician and AIDS researcher
MacDiarmid, Alan (1927–2007), chemist, professor, and Nobel laureate
Mayr, Ernst (1904–2005), ornithologist and evolutionary biologist
Poston, Adele Suyder (1884–1979), psychiatric nurse and nursing reformer and administrator
Pruette, Lorine (1896–1976), psychologist, social scientist, and feminist
Schwartz, Anna Jacobson (1915–2012), economist and economic historian
Seitz, Frederick (1911–2008), physicist, university president, and scientific consultant
Shannon, Claude (1916–2001), mathematician
Smalley, Richard (Rick) (1943–2005), chemist, entrepreneur, and Nobel laureate
Spencer, Percy (1894–1970), inventor
Stibitz, George (1904–1995), engineer and pioneer of computing
Tannenbaum, Frank (1893–1969), labor activist, educator, and scholar
Teller, Edward (1908–2003), physicist and “father of the hydrogen bomb”*
Weisstein, Naomi (1939–2015), neuroscientist, women’s liberation activist, and feminist musician and comedian


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