Highlights to the April 2016 update

The April 2016 update of the ANB sees the addition of more than fifty new entries, featuring those from the worlds of politics and civil rights, to actors and writers. George Kennan's career as a diplomat placed him at the forefront of the emergence of the Cold War, and is partly remembered for coining the phrase 'containment' with regards to dealing with the Soviet Union. From politics to economics, Milton Friedman has the longest entry in this update, detailing his life as one of the most influential economists of the twentieth century. From the performing arts sphere, dancer, choreographer and anthropologist Katherine Dunham takes center stage, as a pioneer in the study of folk and ethnic dance and the creator of the 'Dunham Technique'. Perhaps one of the most well-known figures in this update is Whitney Houston, who achieved international stardom as a singer, winning over 640 awards during her career. These are just four of the 51 new biographies added this update, of subjects who have helped to shape the history of the United States. A full list of new subjects is available to browse.

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