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Letter from Susan Ware, Editor

October 2018

This update includes eleven new essays, with an emphasis on significant figures from the world of sports. Highlights include boxer turned prison rights activist Rubin “Hurricane” Carter; baseball Hall of Famers Tony Gwynn and Ralph Kiner; Alta Weiss, a female pitcher for an otherwise male baseball team; and legendary golfer Arnold Palmer. This update also features Emily Wilkens, a fashion designer who revolutionized teenage style, and war hero Harry Fukuhara. Subscribe by RSS feed for updates.

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter (1937-2014) was a top middleweight boxer before being unjustly charged with murder in 1966 following a triple homicide at a New Jersey bar. His case drew nationwide attention—Bob Dylan even wrote a song in tribute, called “Hurricane”—but Carter served in prison until 1985, when his conviction was overturned for good. Upon his release he became an advocate for the wrongly convicted and for legal reforms aimed at preventing unjust convictions.




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